Monday, August 11, 2008

BAMN's allegations against the AZ Civil Rights Initiative are baloney

Chairwoman Shanta Driver of the neo-communist organization BAMN made the following accusations recently against the AZ Civil Rights Initiative in the Arizona Republic. Funny, other than BAMN's wild assertions, have you seen or read about any evidence of fraud by AZCRI? I haven't seen anything, other than a BAMN protester who was arrested for assaulting a petition circulator. If there were any petition circulators illegally circulating petitions, then all of the other ballot initiatives are also affected, since the same circulators collected signatures for ALL the ballot initiatives, not just AZCRI. AZCRI simply used the same circulators the other initiatives used. The initiative looks like it will be approved shortly to be on the ballot. Making up smears will not create fraud where there is none.
We are confident that ACRI will be disqualified. We have amassed evidence, including from petition circulators themselves who are willing to step forward, of ACRI's pervasive racially targeted voter fraud and criminal violations of Arizona election law. The vast majority of circulators we encountered either tried to hide from our investigators or revealed information that they circulated ACRI in violation of Arizona law. . . . We will pursue our civil lawsuit. . . . We also call on Attorney General Terry Goddard and Gov. Janet Napolitano to launch an independent investigation.
In addition, we have amassed evidence that a large number, if not a majority, of the alleged signatures were gathered by people who were unqualified to circulate petitions in Arizona, which includes out-of-state residents and felons. Petition companies either disguised the identity of circulators, or actively turned a blind eye.
ACRI is extraordinary in the sheer scope of fraud employed. ACRI targeted homeless shelters to recruit desperate people to become circulators. One circulator who had petitioned for ballot measures for years told us that they had never seen a campaign as fraught with fraud as ACRI.

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