Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rose & Allyn Public Relations looking for PR person

Now that Robbie Sherwood has left Rose & Allyn to jump on the losing re-election campaign of Harry Mitchell, they need a new PR person.

Rose & Allyn Public Relations Seeks Participants
for First-Ever Dodgeball Job Interview

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. OCTOBER 25, 2007. - It's the pressure of The Apprentice, the perseverance of Survivor, and the finesse of Dancing with the Stars. Sort of. It's Rose & Allyn Public Relations' first-ever Job Application/Dodgeball Championship. After all, that's kind of what we do for a living.

And it begins today. Now, in fact, following former Arizona Republic reporter Robbie Sherwood's jump to a posh post with Congressman Harry Mitchell.

Yes, applications are being accepted for the position of communications guru, and following intense scrutiny, a dodgeball championship will be the determining factor in who makes our team.
The reward?

You get to work with the most colorful, interesting and creative public relations firm on the planet.

Remember, Rose & Allyn Public Relations was named "Arizona's PR Heavyweigh"t by Arizona Business Magazine. Specifically, we need a middle- weight, light-heavyweight or heavyweight champion with experience in the trenches of media, politics or public relations.

To get in our clubhouse, you need to be driven. You need to be an overachiever. You need to be witty. You need to be impressive. Applicants are required to have smarts, The Big Idea, relevant experience, and most importantly a killer dodgeball instinct.

Why? You're going to be more productive than you thought possible. Have more fun than you could imagine. . .professionally. Learn things that you never knew you needed to. And work with some very cool people. Our team is nothing short of spectacular, and our clients are equally impressive.

The job search isn't limited to journalists, but we kind of liked Sherwood, especially when he went through his withdrawals from no longer being on Horizon. Especially when he walked out of the bathroom without a shirt on like George Costanza. We're kidding about that one.

Robbie will be missed. But since he will soon be joining our Alumni Association we want somebody who can hit the ground running. . . and tell funny stories at the Christmas Party. Check us out at Send your resume, with some sizzle, to Do it now.

-Rose & Allyn-

Stacy Pearson
Rose & Allyn Public Relations
phone: 480-423-1414 Direct: 602-577-6888

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