Tuesday, October 2, 2007

CAP: Outrage at University of Arizona - discrimination against religion

Maybe ASU really is better than UA - from the Center for Arizona Policy -

Where can you find those who have honed intolerance to a fine art? Among those who preach tolerance as the highest of virtues, of course! Last month Priority College Ministry, a student club at the U of A, succeeded in pulling off a Christian concert despite the best efforts of student body leaders to sabotage the event. The club had been promised more than $4,000 in student funds for the event by the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, or ASUA. All student organizations are eligible to receive funds, but ASUA changed the rules after promising the funds, making "blatantly religious or political events" ineligible for funds. Priority College Ministry was left in a lurch, and if it hadn't been for local churches who were willing to help fund the concert at the last minute, it would have been cancelled.

But ASUA apparently doesn't mind funding items that are both politically and religiously charged. At the very same meeting where they changed the funding rules, they voted to pay for a two-page ad in the school newspaper to promote "Coming Out Week" for one of the campus's homosexual clubs. Not to be outdone, U of A administrators created a new office of "gay and lesbian affairs" on campus last week, and hired a local homosexual activist as its first director. If you are a Wildcat alum, you now know what to do when you are next solicited for a donation. And if you haven't heard today's related radio commentary, "Intolerant Wildcats," you can listen to it online.

(2) Over the Edge

Center for Bioethics and Culture Network consultant Wesley Smith writes, "They have drained all the brake fluid from the bus and we are careening toward the precipice with seemingly no way to stop." Who are "they" and why sound the alarm? Well, "they" are scientists who refuse to exercise any moral restraint. Regulators in Britain have declined to say "no" to scientists who want to create cloned human embryos using animal eggs. By injecting human genetic material into animal eggs, they want to further research into finding cures for whatever ails us. But the real sickness isn't physical, it's the desire to manipulate everything that makes us who we are - what God designed us to be. Learn more by reading Smith's "No Brakes" article linked from his blog at wesleyjsmith.com.

(3) Pastor Frank in Prescott

The Center for Arizona Policy's Church Relations Director, Pastor Frank Carpenter, will be giving the message at First Baptist Church in Prescott at 148 S. Marina Street on the Courthouse Square in downtown Prescott this Sunday morning, October 7. Pastor Frank will be preaching at all three services, at 8:15, 9:35, and 11:00 a.m. If you live in the area, stop in and say hello!

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