Saturday, October 27, 2007

CAP: Who's Bella & Bioethics Conference

(1) Who's Bella?

For once, I have a movie to recommend you see this weekend! Tonight is the premier of Bella, a wonderful and uplifting movie with a positive, pro-life message. Bella was produced by Steve McEveety, the producer of The Passion of the Christ and executive producer of Braveheart. I had a chance, along with several other CAP staff members, to preview this movie. Afterwards, we all had the same reaction: This is a movie that we have to tell people about! Bella's a story of deep love, demonstrating that the trials of life can bring people together rather than push them apart.

Bella won the prestigious Toronto Film Festival Award, whose previous winners include Oscar winners like Hotel Rwanda and Chariots of Fire. But awards like this make little difference to Hollywood unless the movie does well at the box office, and in particular on opening weekend. So to make your voice heard in Hollywood, go see Bella tonight! And if you can't go tonight, see it tomorrow. To find a theater near you, visit the movie's web site at bellathemovie. com/theater. If a movie theater in your town is not showing Bella, call them up and ask them to show it! And finally, forward this email to friends and relatives, no matter where in the country they live, to ask them to go see Bella tonight!

The movie does deal with adult themes, like out-of-wedlock pregnancy and abortion, and it carries a PG- 13 rating, so parents should use discretion about bringing their children. For more details on specifics within the movie, see Focus on the Family's movie review at

(2) One More Week!

There's only one more week to register for "The Biotech Century: Facing Our Future." If you haven't yet taken the time to look at the conference web site and the scheduled lineup of speakers and topics, you'll want to do it now. Designed to educate the layman on issues that will face all of us in the coming years, the conference will answer the ethical questions that modern medicine has brought upon us. When is it right to "pull the plug"? What do I need a medical power-of-attorney for? What three essential issues does every living will have to address? What type of stem cell treatments are ethical to use in the treatment of disease and injuries? Is it the right decision for infertile couples to use in vitro fertilization? What alternatives are available? For the answers to these and many other questions, plan to join us November 3 at Bethany Bible Church in Phoenix for "The Biotech Century: Facing Our Future." Reserve your spot today at or by calling 602- 424-2525 today!

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