Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates Endorses Lisa Gray and her team for County Leadership

Phoenix - Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates, known for being fiscally responsible and stopping frivolous government spending, today announced his endorsement of Lisa Gray and her team for leadership of the Maricopa County Republican Party."I am proud to support Lisa Gray and the entire Arizona Party Builders team to lead the Maricopa County GOP. As a former District Chair and past member of the County GOP Executive Guidance Committee, I believe Lisa Gray and the Arizona Party Builders team have the experience and focus to grow the Maricopa County Republican Party and lead the party to success in the 2014 elections.""Bill Gates has a history of strong leadership in the Maricopa County Republican Party, and is now bringing fiscal transparency and efficiency to the City of Phoenix," said Gray. "I share Bill's passion for transparency, and I am honored that someone with Bill's background and understanding of the Republican Party would endorse my team to lead us to success in the upcoming elections."

Lisa Gray and her team, Paul Brierley, 1st Vice Chairman; Rene Lopez, 2nd Vice Chairman; Colleen Lombard, Secretary; and Walter Dudley, Treasurer, represent a broad segment of the County and have a combined 45 years of grassroots Republican leadership experience. They are known as the Arizona Party Builders because their focus will be on building the Party to win elections. Lisa and her team continue to garner the support of many conservatives across Maricopa County.

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