Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bankruptcy: When choosing someone to help gain relief from your debts . . . . . . . . Choose WISELY!!!

by Bill Ponath

Let’s be honest: I am a bankruptcy attorney here in Phoenix and I advertise for new customers. All attorneys have marketing plans because that is just the way business is done. Your job is to figure out who is best able to serve your needs. You will look to see who has the best price; who has the best reputation, and then decide who can do the job for you.
Some people feel they are smart when they frugally hire a paralegal to prepare their petition for, let’s say; $200.00. Yes that is less than I charge (My standard fee is $994.00) but what do you get? (1) A paralegal cannot give you any legal advice. A paralegal or document preparer can only type information that you provide into a program that spits out the forms. (2) You are then handed the documents with the comment "Good luck." Later on when you receive documents in the mail or are questioned by your assigned trustee, you have no help to protect your assets or to ensure that the debts are all discharged. (3) The odds are that you will lose a lot more by not getting professional help than you would pay up front knowing that the job will be done right.
Some cut-rate attorneys charge as little as $795.00 or even $695.00; but what do you get? I have seen many people who hire these people confused in the court because they never get any telephone calls returned and therefore never get any questions answered. That may be very costly; especially when you are not protected from claims for non-exempt assets, when your motor vehicle is repossessed, or when your home is sold out from under you.
Who should you ask for an opinion of who is a good bankruptcy lawyer? This may shock you; but drop my name to any attorney who is working for a bank or credit institution to collect money from you. They will all tell you that they respect me because I respect them. Many will put their file on hold if I call them and advise that you just hired me and we expect to file a case within a couple of months. This serves us both because it prevents them from wasting time and it allows us breathing room to put everything in proper order. You may even call a bankruptcy trustee to ask about me because they all know me and they know the quality of the work that I do; just don’t tell them that I told you to call! You should also know that I have been referred cases by Trustees because they see that an individual needs professional help. Not many attorneys can say that!
I provide bankruptcy services at the low cost of $994.00 for Chapter 7 and $2,500.00 for Chapter 13 (only $1,000 needs to be paid up front.) I also do the work to strip the lien of a second mortgage or HELOC from your home for only $500.00. Others may advertise lower rates to get you in the door; but they then add on other fees and don’t do the same quality work.
Like I said; choose WISELY!!

Bill Ponath provides low low cost Chapter 7 and 13 personal bankruptcies. $994 Chapter 7 or $2500 Chapter 13 bankruptcies plus court filing fee. Free consultation with a compassionate attorney who will handle your case personally. Call 24/7, available to meet with you around your schedule. 602-404-0143. Conveniently located in North-Central Phoenix on Tatum.

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