Sunday, January 27, 2013

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona: Why you should hire an attorney

by Bill Ponath

I am a bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix ($995/Chapter 7) and frequently see people attempting to file bankruptcy without the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. I run into them at the mandatory 341 Meeting of the Creditors, where I see all kinds of terrible things happen due to their lack of knowledge about the bankruptcy legal system. I have seen bankruptcy trustees throw out their bankruptcies, seize their cars, homes, cash and other assets. Filing bankruptcy is not something to be taken lightly. Hiring someone for $200 to do the paperwork does not include the legal skills necessary to handle every nuance of the bankruptcy. If you own nothing and have no job, maybe you can risk a $200 bankruptcy. But if you own a car, furniture, have a job, etc., you are placing all that at risk by proceeding into a bankruptcy without the full legal knowledge necessary to maneuver the process safely. I am one of the lowest priced bankruptcy attorneys in town, and I have competitive rates for a reason: my clients are suffering financially and do not have extra money to spare. If you want an experienced bankruptcy attorney who will guide you throughout the process without charging you an arm and a leg, please set up a free consultation with me.

Bill Ponath provides low low cost Chapter 7 and 13 personal bankruptcies. $995 Chapter 7 or $2500 Chapter 13 bankruptcies plus court filing fee. Free consultation with a compassionate attorney who will handle your case personally. Call 24/7, available to meet with you around your schedule. 602-404-0143. Conveniently located in North-Central Phoenix on Tatum.

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