Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Pinal County Attorney cleans up office, fires one-quarter of attorneys

Good to see Lando Voyles cleaning up the Pinal County Attorney's Office. An excerpt from the Arizona Republic article  -

In one of his first official acts as Pinal County attorney, Lando Voyles has fired nearly a dozen lawyers from his office and reduced the number of attorneys there by 25 percent.
Sources say a human-resources official notified the terminated employees by phone just before the close of business Monday.
Among those who confirmed their termination were Paul Ahler, charging bureau chief -- who headed Voyles' transition team and gave Voyles his first prosecuting job in 2003 when Ahler was chief deputy at the Maricopa County Attorney's Office -- and decorated trial attorney Sylvia Lafferty. Lafferty, who was weeks shy of marking 20 years as a Pinal County prosecutor, was one of three lawyers in the previous administration qualified to prosecute a capital case. A second attorney who could work those cases, chief deputy Richard Platt, retired in December.

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