Saturday, January 19, 2013

Congressman Schweikert: I Was Almost an Abortion Victim, Adoption Saved Me

The year was 1962, and in Southern California, a pregnant teenager was facing a difficult decision. As a young, unwed girl, Mary Lynn Sheridan wasn’t sure she was ready for a child.
How would she tell her family?  If she was  going to keep the baby, how would she care for it?
She drove with two friends to an abortion clinic over the Mexican border.
However, while on the drive to the clinic, Mary Lynn had a change of heart. The young mother decided against the plan, and sometime later gave birth to a healthy baby boy at an unwed mother’s home in Los Angeles.  She gave the baby up for adoption and 6 weeks later, a wonderful couple brought him home and into a loving family.
Thirty-six years later, that boy, through an accident, found the contact information for his birth mother. After a family discussion, he sent a handwritten note to Mary Lynn Sheridan.  After ten days, he received a joyful call from Mary Lynn, and through the tears, she managed to ask how he was doing and if he was healthy.

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