Monday, May 21, 2012

Someone places Quayle campaign signs at Schweikert's headquarters

Dear Schweikert supporters,

Earlier this week, for reasons unknown to our campaign, individuals presumably from our opponent's campaign, decided to visit our headquarters and place signs on both the front windows and sidewalk of our office.

The signs were on the property of the Schweikert campaign office and were removed.

Rather than throw them away, we held them in hopes that someone from our opponent's campaign would recognize the error of their way and come and retrieve the signs.  To their credit, they did and they were given their signs back promptly and undamaged.

Strangely enough, they then decided to call the police department and make a false claim that the signs were somehow "stolen" despite being left on Schweikert campaign property.

To the credit of the Phoenix Police Department, the officers who responded to the complaint made by our opponent's campaign refused to file a police report since our campaign had every right to remove them from our property.

That said, we have seen indications that our opponent’s campaign seems to want to engage in this type of behavior.  That is their prerogative to do so and it's not for us to tell them how to run their campaign.

With that in mind, I wanted to take a moment and ask all of our supporters to remember that, notwithstanding these kind campaign antics, we want to continue to treat our opponent's campaign and their supporters with courtesy and respect as we move on to victory on Election Day.

Thank you,
David and Joyce

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