Sunday, May 13, 2012

1991 Volvo 740 Turbo for sale in great condition - $2500

This is in INSANELY PERFECT CONDITION. I bought it a year ago because I needed reliable, inexpensive transportation. It has served me well but must be moved to a better place. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING works, and the reason I bought it was because the previous original owner had complete maintenance records back to when George H.W. Bush was president. It is so insanely perfect that I am just going to give you the differences between a 2013 Ferrari:

1. The A/C works perfectly, but in Sweden. It is never over 80 degrees. I don't recommend a 3-piece suit.
2. The turbo still kicks ass but mpg is about 22-23.
3. Most of the paint is good but the hood is ugly as sin. The paint is completely oxidized; I waxed it once and couldn't stop laughing.
 4. Some of the plastic is cracked or broken but it all still works. The left rear taillight cover is broken but the light still works fine.
5. 184,000 miles.
6. Power steering fluid has a leak and you need to check it every couple of months. There is a slight oil leak but it has absolutely no effect.

1. Brand-new Sony CD/mp3 stereo with JBL 3-way speakers. The stereo alone is worth what I'm asking for the car.
2. Plenty of tread left on the tires, alloy wheels, and there's even one hubcap left. WEAR IT WITH PRIDE.
3. The brakes were just redone and if you look at the maintenance history, all she needs is a satellite dish and a hot tub.
4. Woody Allen called me and asked to use it instead of the VW in an updated version of Sleeper.

Yes; $2500 is more than bluebook, but she is worth every penny. If you buy anything else, say adios to your budget for the next three years. Seriously; I needed dependable transportation for a year and she never failed. Feel free to email me or call (602) 228-1998. See more photos here

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