Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alexander Bankruptcy Law Firm: Wells Fargo Foreclosure Leads Man To Commit Suicide

This is a very tragic story of a man who shot himself after Wells Fargo refused to work with him and went ahead with foreclosure proceedings on his home. Their story is one of the most egregious ones I've seen; Norm Rousseau and his wife had put down nearly 30% on their home - their life savings - and never missed a payment. Wells Fargo accused them of missing a payment - a payment they had proof of making - and then started foreclosure proceedings. They were advised by Wells Fargo to stop making payments, or they would not be eligible for a loan modification. Then Wells Fargo told them they were not eligible for a loan modification, since they did not make enough money (even though their income had not changed). Wells Fargo still intends to evict his wife and stepson.

Everyone has to realize, this is an epidemic like we've never seen in our lifetime, the economy is as bad as it was during the Great Depression. Almost EVERYONE is struggling, they just don't let on (WE know, since we see all our friends filing bankruptcy). MOST of us planned to make money off of our homes as investments. And now MOST of us will not. It is frustrating, but we're ALL in the same boat. You CANNOT let it get to you. Think of all the starving people in Africa who own nothing! You still have your family and friends and housing over your head, even if it's a rented apartment. It's NOT the end of the world by any means. Hang in there from Alexander Bankruptcy Law Firm!

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