Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tonight on the Alexander & Goldman Show: Wes Harris talks about City of Phoenix spending problems

Tonight from 6-7pm on the Alexander & Goldman Show we will talk to North Phoenix Tea Party leader Wes Harris about the current fiscal crisis facing the City of Phoenix. Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio discovered that the City of Phoenix claimed to have cut jobs, when in reality it just shuffled employees over into the Water Department and hiked our water rates in order to pay for the employees.   Water rates have already gone up 40% over the past five years, including another seven percent this year.  

Public employee pay and pensions are bankrupting the city, at the expense of the taxpayers, but the unions are fighting back hard to maintain the status quo, including starting a recall against DeCiccio. We will hear Wes's perspective on these problems and what can be done. Can the City of Phoenix be stopped, or has it built up these "enterprises" in such a manner that there is no way to take away funding from the bonds that have been set up to pay for them? 

We will also briefly discuss my new law firm, the Alexander Bankruptcy Law Firm. Bankruptcies shot sky high last year and remain high in certain parts of the country due to the government's Bailouts for Big Business, Bankruptcies for the Middle Class.  Fortunately there are Congressmen like David Schweikert who are fighting back against the government's snubbing of the middle class. He has set up an office to assist homeowners who are getting the runaround from banks on refinancing their mortgages through the Homeowners Assistance Mortgage Program. 

Last week's show with the Arizona Latino Republican Association (ALRA) and Charlie Ellis for Phoenix City Council is archived here

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Be sure to stay tuned in to the show afterwards from 6-7pm for the ALRA Airwaves. They will be talking to Senator Russell Pearce and Representative Steve Montenegro about several issues including the Tequila Tea Party and the Pearce recall effort.

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