Thursday, June 9, 2011

Saturday on the Alexander & Goldman Show: Bankruptcy attorneys discuss bankruptcies, mortgages and foreclosures

Saturday night from 6-7pm on the Alexander & Goldman Show we will talk to bankruptcy attorneys Dennis Riccio and Bill Ponath about bankruptcies, mortgages and foreclosures. There is no longer much of a stigma associated with bankruptcy, the Obama administration has destroyed the middle class to such an extent that average Americans are filing for bankruptcy in droves. There are so many people filing for bankruptcy I have opened up my own Alexander Bankruptcy Law Firm. Should you short sell? What should you do about your mortgage if you can no longer afford your home and everyone on your street is foreclosing? When should you file for bankruptcy?  What are the pros and cons to filing bankruptcy? 

Last week's show with the North Phoenix Tea Party leader Wes Harris discussing wasteful spending at the City of Phoenix is archived here

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Be sure to stay tuned in to the show afterwards from 7-8pm for the Arizona Latino Republican Association's ALRA Airwaves. They have a terrific show lined up with Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio discussing the Phoenix food tax and Senator Sylvia Tenney Allen talking about the Wallow fire. Is an environmentalist wacko to blame?
Prior to our show check out the Tim Horn show from 5-6pm for more conservative talk.

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