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Committee Formed to Oppose Pearce Recall

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Committee Formed to Oppose Pearce Recall; Website Launched

The “Citizens Who Oppose the Pearce Recall RC-04-2011” committee has been formed to actively fight the possible recall of Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce (R-District 18).  Organizational papers were filed Friday at the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office.
The anti-recall Committee also launched a website today ( to help battle the recall effort and to collect donations.
Matt Tolman, Chairman of the “Citizens Who Oppose the Pearce Recall RC-04-2011” Committee said: “We will not sit back and let out-of-state and out-of-district special interests attempt to use recall to harass and intimidate Arizona’s constitutionally elected officials. We will oppose this recall so that President Pearce and other officials can do the job for which they were elected.”
Senator Russell Pearce first served in the legislature in 2000.  He has enjoyed strong, continual support from his constituents in District 18 having been elected in all 16 of his primary and general elections. He was elected President of the Arizona State Senate in 2011. The recall is the latest in a series of attacks for his strong stands on border security and his work on balancing the state’s budget in the most difficult economic situation Arizona has faced since the Great Depression.
When told of the recall opposition effort, Pearce said: “I am so grateful that some of my friends have stepped forward to oppose this recall and defend the truth.  The personal, hurtful attacks by people who don’t even live in Arizona must stop. Working together we can bring Arizonans together and move our State forward.”
Tolman continued: “Our committee will raise all the funds needed to fight this misguided recall effort.  Outside special interests do not run Arizona government.  This is about defending the sanctity of our constitutional electoral system.  The people of District 18 support Russell Pearce and his strong defense of liberty and the constitution.”
Within the next few days, this Committee will file a complaint against the recall committee with the Secretary of State’s Office for non-disclosure of financial expenditures.
Donations to the “Citizens Who Oppose the Pearce Recall RC-04-2011 Committee will be accepted from private individuals and corporations. Donations can be made through the website
(NOTE:  Matt Tolman is available to schedule Spanish-speaking interviews.)
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