Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Phoenix, AZ – To paraphrase President Regan’s rebuke to “Fritz” Mondale, “Andrei, Andrei, Andrei, there you go again.” Last Monday,Andrei Cherny attacked Arizona Republican legislators for upholding Arizona unemployment laws. The Chairman of the Arizona Democrat party may feel obligated to advocate that economic and employment concerns can best be solved by ever larger government subsidization but history clearly shows he is wrong.
Arizona Republican legislators look to abide by statutes which have been in place for the past three decades. Democrats should be ashamed for trying to exploit loopholes which would only increase our nation’s debt and not address the real problem, which is President Obama’s lack of focus on a declining job market.
Cherny dares to advocate that the responsible decisions made by our republican leadership only aim to punish struggling families and rob our state’s economy. Much like a child with a new credit card, Cherny fails to grasp the concept of borrowed money and doesn’t seem to understand that an increase in unemployment benefits from a year and a half to two years will only increase the fourteen trillion dollar debt already owed by America’s taxpayers.
Unemployment benefits were designed to provide stopgap financial assistance while an individual was between jobs; Unemployment was never intended to serve as income for a prolonged period of time.  Intrusive big government solutions instituted by President Obama have served only to extend and deepen America’s financial crisis.
“Band-Aids serve their purpose,” said Arizona Republican Chair Tom Morrissey, “but Band-Aids will never mend a severed limb.  Instead of lengthening unemployment benefits, democrats need to support policies that will create jobs.”
While Democrats in Arizona and Washington scheme to come up with new ways that exacerbate our rising unemployment problems, Republicans look to loosen regulations, lower costs and bring back many of the jobs that have been lost overseas.
Chairman Morrissey continued, “You can only ignore a problem for so long, eventually you have to address that problem and do something about it. I believe that by passing a jobs bill the Republican legislature has acknowledged the problem and taken the right path that will solve our state and our nation’s economic problems.”

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