Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tonight on the Alexander & Goldman Show: Latest news on the abortion industry and prolife bills

Tune in Saturday night to the Alexander & Goldman Show from 6-7pm AZ/PST as Brian Symes and myself update you on what the abortion industry is up to and what kinds of prolife bills are making their way through state legislatures. 

We will also hear first from Rey Torres of the Arizona Latino Republican Association on Pima County Sheriff Larry Dever has been told by the Border Patrol to reduce arrests, and the new movie out Cristiada, about the Mexican government's efforts to quash religion, specifically Catholicism.

Please call in at 602.508.0960 and let us know your thoughts. Tune in locally to KKNT 960 AM or listen live online at, which you can access by clicking here.  

Last week's show with bankruptcy attorneys Bill Ponath and Dennis Riccio is archived here.

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