Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Arizona Gov. Brewer Vetoes Bill to Allow Guns on Public College Campuses

Brewer said in a written statement announcing the veto that the bill didn't adequately define the "public right of way" where guns could be carried on public university and community college campuses, and gun laws must be "crystal clear so that gun owners don't become lawbreakers by accident."
She also warned that the bill could have mistakenly included K-12 schools, "where federal and state laws generally prohibit weapons."

Gun-rights advocates had backed the bill, saying it would help people defend themselves and prevent them from getting in trouble for merely driving through a campus with a gun in a vehicle.

Brewer must act by midnight Thursday on another Arizona guns-rights measure that would allow weapons in some government buildings that don't have airport-style security with armed guards and metal detectors.

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