Saturday, April 16, 2011

Protesters and anarchists harass a peaceful Tea Party event; use sirens to drown out event

Update - Sonoran Alliance has more on this.
From Arizona's State Capitol "Feet to the Fire" April 15th rally. A Latino female friend of mine from the Arizona Latino Republican Association who attended the rally reported, "As we stood in prayer and for the pledge of allegiance the bullhorn siren blared on. The so-called protesters who declared I am a nazi and racist because I am a Republican, didn't have the courtesy or respect to turn it off."


Anonymous said...

What happened to punching rude people in the head?

Brett said...

You know, people calling themselves "anarchists" because they once heard the phrase "bomb throwing anarchist", and thought, "Throwing bombs? Cool!" really annoys me. These "anarchists" are generally protesting in favor of MORE government, not less.

MarkJ said...

Observation: self-styled "anarchists" have less in common with anarchy than they do with fascism and cults. What's particularly odd is that "anarchists," despite claiming to be such free spirits, invariably display a thuggish, herd mentality, don't they?

Anonymous said...

This appears to be a video of
a peaceful and lawful association of people wanting to verbally express their views to each other. However the event is being breached by others who are bent on disrupting the orderly proceedings of free speech.
So why are no arrest being made for
breach or disturbance of the peace? Has anyone sought an answer
to this question from the local chief of police?

Anonymous said...

White-Face? Not much hate there.

Anonymous said...

Stay classy, Libs!

JorgXMcKie said...

Please. Those folks who call themselves anarchists are no such thing. They are somewhat [generally] of a blend of fascist and nihilist. They want to destroy their opponents ['enemies'] not get rid of government.

The Amish are anarchists [Christian Anarchists, to be precise] and they certainly don't act like that.

As a true anarchist [in the philosophical sense, at least] I'd love to see these assclowns try to behave like that in a truly anarchic society. They have no idea what real anarchists would do to such useless dirtbags.

orbicularioculi said...

These IDIOTS are making an excellent case for removing illegal aliens from American soil TODAY.