Friday, April 8, 2011

Photos & speech notes from Ward Connerly's trip to Tucson

Ward Connerly spoke to the NW Conservative Club Thursday and the Oro Valley Republican Women's Club Friday in Tucson. We've got the photos to prove it and some excerpts from his speeches. He opened his first speech by saying, "Arizona seems to be the only sane place these days." He expressed grave concern that if we don't change the direction this country is going in, with its big-spending liberal policies and tendencies to treat people based on what group they're associated with rather than as individuals, we won't have a country left to defend.

Ward speaking to the NW Conservative Club. "If I go to the doctor and he brags about getting there due to affirmative action, I'm crawling down off the bed and getting out of there." "Giving black students extra points in the college admissions process adds new meaning to the phrase 'brownie points.'"
"The Mayor of Phoenix told me I wasn't welcome in Arizona, yet he welcomes illegal immigrants coming across the border."
Ward speaking to Oro Valley Republican Women's Club. "There are no vacations when dealing with the unions. Because when you're sleeping, they're working."

 Oro Valley Republican Women listening to Ward Connerly. "Legislator Kyrsten Sinema lies. She said Arizona doesn't have affirmative action. But the City of Tucson gives a 7% bid preference in contracts to women and minorities!"

Members of the NW Conservative Club listening to Ward speak (I'm in there too!) "You have a political party that's not saying facts - 'Grandma is going to be living on cat food.'"

 Ward autographing his books for the Oro Valley Republican Women's Club. 
"Democrats use fake sob stories/sky is falling scenarios in order to continue growing the size of government."

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