Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arizona Republican Congressional delegation did the right thing to vote for the budget deal

The Tea Party and House Speaker Boehner both came out pretty well with Friday's budget deal agreement, considering Democrats control the Senate and the presidency, and a government shutdown would backfire on Republicans again like it did in 1995. The budget deal actually decreases discretionary spending by 4% with the biggest spending cut in history. Budget deals from the past three years increased spending.

Rep. Jeff Flake, (R-Ariz.), who is running for Senate in 2012 and has the highest ranking in Congress from the fiscal watchdog Club for Growth, voted for the budget deal but said, “A lot of us are disappointed with the level” of spending cuts. “It’s not very big. This is small ball. But you've got to take some cuts where you can get them. These discretionary cuts are important because it takes from the baseline and it compounds year to year."

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