Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sheriff Arpaio Debuts New Website Featuring “Mug Shot of the Day”

A newly designed website about the third largest Sheriff’s Office in the nation tried to make a quiet internet debut over the weekend but that didn’t last long.

The new site has on it a unique new feature called mug shot of the day where visitors to the site can peruse all mug shots of the people arrested each day and chose their favorite to be featured the following day as “mug shot of the day.” Visitors are also asked to vote for whether they like the new “contest.” So far it’s apparently well received by a near 3 to 1 margin.

Arpaio agreed to the concept of “mug shot of the day” as a way to drive more people to his law enforcement website in hopes that more people would learn about the varied aspects of law enforcement functions performed by his employees. He also believes that more eyes on arrestees may result in more leads to criminal investigators.

Seeing the increased interest in this part of his website, Arpaio says he has new plans down the road for more unique ideas.

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