Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prop 13 Arizona - limit property taxes

Purchase price is used as the basis for taxation instead of speculative assessments. Properties purchased before January 1, 2004 will use 2003 Full Cash Value as their tax basis until resold.
●No more assessments or need for appeals.
●Caps Residential Real Property Tax Rate at 0.5%
●Caps All Other Real Property Tax Rate at 1.0%
●Limits valuation increases to no more than 2% per year.
●Statewide citizen's initiative benefiting all property owners and those who rent.

Take Action Now!
●Limit taxation. Reduce government spending.
●Join our volunteer team. Be part of this important change.
●Collect signatures on your street or at your workplace.
●Spread the word. Email the website link to friends.
●Recruit other volunteers.
●Donate! Your $20. donation helps us succeed.

Email Info@Prop13Arizona.com for petitions.
Call us! 602-765-1344


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