Monday, October 5, 2009

CAP: Abortion Lawsuit Update

CAP and our allies are continuing to work to defend the Abortion Consent Act, despite the setback in state court this week when the judge prevented key provisions of the law from taking effect. The judge's decision could be appealed by the Attorney General's office, or the case could proceed to a trial. In federal court, CAP's motion to intervene is still pending. To learn more about the ins and outs of these cases, read our Lawsuit FAQs.

Stunning Revelations

Documents filed by Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights in the two lawsuits against Arizona's new abortion laws reveal some stunning insight into the practices of the abortion industry. Here are a few examples:

* As a standard practice, a woman seeking an abortion never meets with or discusses the procedure with a doctor until the doctor comes in to perform the procedure. Women who have a medication abortion often never see a doctor, as non-doctors such as nurse practitioners or physician assistants dispense the medication.
* There are no doctors on site at nine of Planned Parenthood's 19 "health centers" statewide. One physician works six half-days per month at the Tucson Planned Parenthood clinic - the remainder of the time, a nurse practitioner performs all procedures without supervision by a physician. Planned Parenthood states that they cannot find doctors willing to work for them.
* Abortion is big business. The price for an abortion is between $450 and $2,100, depending on how far along the pregnancy is. Even at the base price of $450, the two private doctors in the federal lawsuit (not affiliated with Planned Parenthood) are bringing in annually $374,000 and $972,000, respectively, from abortions alone. As the Bible reminds us, "Love of money is the root of all kinds of evil." (I Timothy 6:10)

The remarkable lack of care for women's health and wellbeing by these abortion providers is a continual reminder that there are two victims for every abortion - the mother and her preborn child. Please continue to pray that the Abortion Consent Act will be upheld so that women in Arizona are protected.

Homosexual Activist Overseeing Your Kids' Schools
More light is being shed on the radical history of Kevin Jennings, President Obama's leader for "Safe and Drug-Free Schools." Even the mainstream media has realized that this man is supporting pro-homosexual views that are outside the norm and harmful to school children. When he was a leader of a pro-homosexual organization, Jennings stated that his goal was for people to not be concerned if a homosexual agenda was being promoted in schools. To learn more about why this man shouldn't be setting policy in our public schools, visit FRC's where you can also contact the AZ Board of Education to voice your concern.

Greyhound Park to Close

This past year, as gambling advocates tried to convince the Arizona Legislature to expand gambling to solve the state's budget problems, we heard claims that expanded gambling would bring in revenue, despite the economic downturn. It sounded too good to be true for the state because it is. This week, news came that the Phoenix Greyhound racetrack will be shutting down by year's end. Gambling is not recession proof, and if the demand is not there to support a racetrack, the state government should not be bailing it out with casino-style gambling. CAP is grateful that the Legislature saw through the claims of gambling advocates, and we will continue to oppose any expansion of gambling in our state.

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