Monday, October 26, 2009

CAP: Ninth Circuit Denies Rehearing in School Choice

This week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit rejected a request to reconsider its decision from earlier this year which questioned school tuition organizations giving scholarships to only religious schools. While it is unfortunate that the court is not reversing its prior bad decision, eight judges issued a strong dissent, which makes a powerful case for the U.S. Supreme Court to review the decision. Learn more from our friends at the Institute for Justice who are litigating this case.

Also, the Arizona Supreme Court will decide on Tuesday whether to review a decision by the Arizona Court of Appeals declaring the corporate scholarship tax credit constitutional. If the Court denies review, the decision upholding the program would stand.

Really Bad Math

An Arizona Republic front-page headline delivered a shockingly inaccurate message last Wednesday that the scholarship tax credits are draining money from the state. Despite the misleading headline, the article actually concluded that taxpayers save about $3 million because of the credits. Now, the Republic has printed a correction that the savings are actually around $8 million. As Goldwater Institute's Matt Ladner points out, the savings could be even higher if accurate numbers are used to calculate the number of private school students and if charter school attendance is taken into account. Not only are the tax credits good policy for parents and families who are able to choose schools that best meet their needs, the credits are saving taxpayer dollars at a time when those savings are exactly what our state needs!

Your Children's Allies?

The battle for the hearts and minds of our children continues as advocates of homosexual behavior promote "Ally Week" in public schools across the country. The purpose is to teach students that moral or religious beliefs about homosexuality are the equivalent of bullying. Part of the Ally Week program also includes asking children for their e-mail addresses which can then be passed on to groups like the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) that promote homosexual behavior. Read more from Citizenlink and make sure all your friends with children in public school are aware.

The Future of Pro-Life Litigation

Don't miss this insight into the current pro-life legal battles from ADF Attorney Steve Aden, a pro-life litigation expert who is helping defend Arizona's Abortion Consent Act.

CAP is Visiting Lake Havasu City!

Join me for a Family Issues Lunch at Shugrue's on Friday, Nov. 6. Hear about CAP's work protecting and defending our values and learn how you can make a difference! $12 per person includes lunch. Advance registration is required. Then on Saturday, Nov. 7, join us at Lakeview Community Church for The Truth Project Training. Get prepared to lead this innovative small group study, imparting a biblical worldview into the lives of others! Register online today! If you cannot make this date, please note that CAP is also hosting a Truth Project Training on January 23 in Kingman.

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