Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Now is the time to contribute to Andrew Thomas's Exploratory Committee for Attorney General

Message from Andrew Thomas:

Consumer fraud and identity theft in a time of economic crisis. Rising distrust in our government. A border with Mexico that is violent and dangerous. Rampant illegal immigration that threatens Arizona’s future.

These are difficult times for our state. But with the right leadership, we can turn things around.

That’s why I’ve formed an exploratory committee for Attorney General of our great state, and why I write to you today. A new wave of leaders is needed to address the problems on our horizon. Some of these problems have already arrived. Some are not here yet but are clearly visible.

As an assistant attorney general for Arizona, a prosecutor, and most recently Maricopa County Attorney, I’ve tried hard to be ahead of the curve in tackling the tough challenges before us. I pledged to do my utmost to stop illegal immigration years ago, when the elites scoffed and said state and local governments couldn’t do anything about the problem. But working with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and other key officials, we’ve proved the skeptics wrong and accomplished a great deal.

In 2006, 78 percent of Arizona voters approved Proposition 100, a ballot measure I helped draft and campaigned for that ended the right to bail for illegal immigrants accused of serious felonies. After the election, I took on activist judges who refused to enforce Prop 100—at great cost to myself. Prop 100 is now the law of the land.

These efforts have brought good results. Illegal immigration has reportedly dropped 30 percent in our state over the last two years. In part because of the tough, new prosecution policies in our office, Maricopa County’s crime rate has fallen 18 percent in the last four years, even as Arizona’s population has been rising.

We’ve started to turn the corner. But much remains to be done.

I believe we need leadership for our state that will protect the public and seek tougher penalties for violent criminals, sex offenders, and identity and auto thieves. Our border crisis must be addressed once and for all. Arizona’s families and life itself must be protected. Constitutional principles and values must be defended. I’m the only potential candidate on the horizon with a clear commitment on these issues.

That’s why I write to you today.

Now, as I consider running for attorney general, I write because need your help once again. I was honored to be the Republican nominee for Attorney General in 2002, and to win every county in Arizona in the primary. Seven years later, and with a record of results and positive change as twice-elected Maricopa County Attorney (including successful prosecution of the so-called Serial Shooters), I hope to be able to build on this record for the greater good.

Sheriff Arpaio says he’ll support me all the way if I do run for Attorney General. But in order to be able to run, I must first make sure I have enough financial support to be able to run successfully.

Any amount of support you can lend to my exploratory committee would be very welcome and deeply meaningful to me. You can give up to $140 per person, $280 per couple.

Much work remains; the battle for our future is going on around us. I ask that you stand with me once more as we take on these challenges with fresh determination.
Very truly yours,

Andrew Thomas

P.S. Your financial support of my early exploratory efforts today will help me to have the basic funds needed to share my message with other Arizonans.

Make checks payable to:

Thomas for AG Exploratory Committee

Mail checks to: Thomas for AG Exploratory Committee, 4757 E. Greenway Rd., #103-233, Phoenix AZ 85032.

Maximum contribution allowed: $140 per person/$280 per couple

OR, login to your bank online and send an online check.

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