Monday, October 5, 2009

CCM needs volunteers and help at the Freedom Forum,Oct 16-17

Our coalition sponsored Legislative Forum, Tea Party & Patriot Forum events are on fast track for October 16th & 17th, only 12 short days away.

We are in need of your help in a number of important ways.

First, your leadership team has approved a budget for all three of these events which obligates us for $30,000.00. Half of that we expect to be offset by registration fees for the Patriot Forum. If only 150 of you make a contribution of $100.00, we will be adequately funded to make these events successful. Successful is defined as turning citizens into educated activists with a purpose. I encourage you to visit our CCM or Freedom Forum website, click the donate button and make your contribution of what ever amount you are led to do. Your contribution will cover admission for you and a guest to the Patriot Forum on Saturday 10/17.

Second, we have a need for volunteers in all areas the days of the multiple events, as well as volunteer off duty police or sheriff officers to serve as security for the Tea Party and the Patriot Forum.

Third, for those of you with “sky miles” on any airline, we would be grateful for a contribution, as we have a need to fly Lloyd Marcus and his wife into town. He provided the entertainment through out the bus tour thru 32 cities to Washington, DC on 9/12.

Fourth, we would appreciate any contact referrals to national TV and radio networks, as we desire to make it known that all Constitutionally leaning elected state officials are invited and encouraged by their constituents to attend our Legislators Forum focused on State’s Rights agendas for the 2010 legislative sessions.

In Service,

Robert A. Zuluaga

President, CCM

Arizona Chapter Coalition for a Conservative Majority

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