Thursday, June 4, 2009

NRA: pro-2nd Amendment bills to support in the legislature

Three Important Pro-Gun Bills Need Your Help!

Please Contact Your State Senators Today!

We have the opportunity to pass a number of pro-Second Amendment bills this year but need your help. Please contact the members of the Senate and Senate leadership and respectfully ask them to hear and pass House Bill 2474, Senate Bill 1243, and Senate Bill 1113.

Now that the budget negotiations have concluded, a flood of legislation is expected to emerge, including important measures such as those listed below. It is vital that NRA members contact their state legislators to politely remind them that these are very important pieces of legislation to Arizona’s gun owners and sportsmen.

House Bill 2474, sponsored by State Representatives John Kavanagh (R-8) and Frank Antenori (R-30), would permit law-abiding citizens to keep a firearm locked in their privately owned vehicle when parked on their employer’s publicly accessible parking lot. HB2474 passed by an overwhelming vote in the House, 41-10-9. Please contact your State Senators TODAY and respectfully urge them to support and vote yes on HB2474 before session comes to an end, which would kill the bill.

Senate Bill 1243, sponsored by State Senator Russell Pearce (R-18), would clarify the statutory definition of defensive display of a firearm. SB1243 is awaiting a Senate committee assignment. This clarification of defensive display of a firearm is a valuable addition to your right to self-defense.

Senate Bill 1113, introduced by State Senator Jack Harper (R-4), would give customers the right to take concealed handguns into restaurants that serve alcohol. State Senator Jack Harper (R-4), the restaurant industry, and NRA have worked to craft new language that will be used in place of the currently proposed posting requirements. Over 30 states currently have restaurant carry provisions. In 2005, the Arizona legislature passed a restaurant carry provision, which was vetoed by previous Governor Janet Napolitano. SB1113 has been through First Reading and is now awaiting a committee assignment in the Senate.

Your polite phone calls and emails urging the Senate to stay in session and hear these bills could make a huge difference in whether or not they become law. Please contact your State Senators and respectfully voice your support for HB2474, SB1113, and SB1243. For contact information, please visit

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