Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New #dontgo/American Liberty Alliance healthcare site

A message to all members of DontGo Movement

Fellow Dontgo/American Liberty Alliance Members,

Thanks to supporters like you who have recognized an opportunity to push change, and joined in our momentum, the American Liberty Alliance is positioned to impact key issues in a powerful way. The ALA is affecting issues in an effort to support the free markets and a limited government.

We’ve already begun to affect a major debate on healthcare by providing a citizen powered news resource at Our network of local reporters and grassroots activists is taking the debate out of Washington, and bringing to local communities across the country so the voices of everyday Americans are heard.

We worked to support free market principles and made Congress stay and address offshore drilling bans last August. Many of us stood shoulder to shoulder on April 15 to demand a more limited government. The ALA is continuing efforts that grew out of those movements, and we will continue the effort to achieve the common goals: free markets and limited government.

We need your help to continue the momentum that has grown already, and so we can to begin to do even more. Please donate $5, $10, or whatever you can afford. It’s your support that will keep the alliance strong.

Click here to donate now!

Thank you,
-Eric Odom

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