Tuesday, June 2, 2009

AFP: Take action NOW to stop Jan Brewer's giant tax increase!

Americans for Prosperity

To all Arizona Taxpayers and Tea Partiers,

We have to TAKE ACTION NOW to stop a gigantic tax increase.

Last week, the public learned that Governor Jan Brewer’s unofficial adviser, political consultant Chuck Coughlin of HighGround, has put together a coalition of corporate-welfare interest groups (“Building a Better Arizona”) to fund a $225,000 campaign to buy radio, newspaper, e-mail, telephone and ground-mail advertisements, to try to fool the public into believing that Arizona needs a tax increase, and that your hard-working legislators are mean-spirited ideologues bent on passage of “draconian” budget cuts. For more about the HighGround campaign, click HERE:

Right now, these corporate-welfare interests--and the government employee unions--are pressuring your legislators to pass a budget that includes tax increases. If they can’t get the Republican majority to do it, they will try to form a new majority by teaming up with Democrats and a small handful of big-spending Republicans. That kind of Big Spender coalition has come together before: Former Gov. Janet Napolitano used that kind of coalition to pass a gigantic budget increase in 2004, and to pass a massively unbalanced budget in 2008.

If the spending interests are successful, the state would have to spend millions of dollars to put on a special election—for the purpose of raising your taxes! Governor Brewer’s latest proposal would mean raising the average Arizona household’s sales and property taxes by $1,600 over the next four years. The tax hike would go into effect at the worst possible time: during a recession, when families and businesses are suffering.

But Arizona does NOT need a tax increase to get through the current budget deficit crisis. For background on how Arizona got into this mess, and how we can get out, without raising taxes, click HERE:

A tax increase in Arizona would be a defeat for conservatives around the country, as they struggle against Big Government in the Age of Obama. In the minds of conservatives around the country, Arizona is still a conservative state, with a GOP governor and legislature.

We need to stand up now and serve the country as an example of how to manage a budget deficit crisis that was caused by massive overspending. We need to do it by reducing spending. Please contact your legislators TODAY, and encourage them to hold the line against tax hikes.



For Liberty,


Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity
(Arizona Federation of Taxpayers)
(602) 478-0146

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