Monday, June 15, 2009

CAP: Pro-Family Bills Moving Closer to Finish Line!

After five months of the legislative "obstacle course" with the battles continuing to rage over the state budget, very few bills are still running strong. Fortunately, many CAP-supported bills are still moving along, inching closer to the finish line. With seven bills passing through Senate committees this week and Jesse's Law, Part 2 passing the House on Thursday, we remain hopeful these bills will become law so that preborn children can be protected and religious freedoms are upheld. Bill status and progress changes daily so stay up-to-date by checking CAP's blog.

If you have not yet responded to CAP's Action Alert on the pro-life bills, do so now! Floor votes could occur any day. Please continue to pray for the passage of these bills during this chaotic time at the state legislature.

Living Together Before Marriage? Bad Idea!

Today's culture regularly bombards our children with the idea that living together before marriage is the norm and is even a good idea. The "hook-up generation" has learned to base their actions on temporary feelings instead of principles. However, the social science data continues to confirm the value of marriage. Rutgers University released a new report showing that unmarried cohabitation increases the likelihood of divorce and decreases overall happiness. Our culture is starting to see the effects of careless cohabitation, and the results are clear: marriage is still the best option.
Hitting the Road!
On Monday, CAP's own Brett Urig will be arriving in Dallas, Texas, to start the FPC Summer Tour. In fourteen days, Brett will visit ten different Family Policy Councils throughout America. Each night, interviews and blogs will be posted on the FPC Summer Tour website. Make sure to follow Brett as he visits Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Virginia.
June Truth Project Training in Glendale, July in Show Low!
If you haven't been trained to lead a Truth Project small group, CAP is offering two great opportunities to equip you to be a small group leader. On June 20th, CAP will be hosting another Truth Project training session in Glendale. On July 11th, we will be hosting another training in Show Low. You can register online for these events!

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