Saturday, January 5, 2008

Reminder to conservative blogs - give your RSS feed to Cactus Alliance

As noted recently by Lighthouse blog, the Cactus Alliance, an aggregate of SW conservative and pro-life blogs, is accepting new blogs to run. All you need to do is email him the link to your RSS feed and you're done (for example, the RSS feed for this site is called "Subscribe to posts" at the bottom of the site and looks like this - I see a few blogs that haven't yet joined such as Seeing Red AZ, espressopundit, Exurban League, and El Gringo. (Not sure if Politico Mafioso and Think Right AZ would be eligible since they appear to come from the liberal wing of the Republican Party and the blogs must be pro-life) This makes 3 political blog aggregates that you should check every day; there's also the granddaddy of blog aggregates,, which aggregates all AZ political blogs, and rightyblogs/arizona from Red State (affiliated with blognetnews) which aggregates all AZ conservative political blogs.


Exurban Jon said...

Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

I found this video on I think that it really needs to be addressed. If you have not seen it please go and take a look. I feel like it shows that americans may not be taking the war a seriously as they should.