Friday, January 11, 2008

AZ Right to Life march & rally is next weekend

Visit for more info. AZ Right to Life rallies are one of the hugest local event gatherings of the year, with over 1000 usually in attendance.

The Phoenix and Tucson Pro-life March and Rallies are a little more than ONE WEEK from today. 2008 has the potential to be a pivotal year for the pro-life movement as a new President is elected and pro-life legislation moves towards becoming law in many states. These initiatives could serve to be serious challenges to Roe v Wade and its 35 years of protection for the destruction of human life.

Please join us as we rally to demonstarte our heartfelt conviction to change hearts, minds, and laws towards choosing life. If you would like to volunteer at the rally to inflate balloons or to help clean up after the event, please email Trent Horn at

In addition to the Phoenix event, Tucson Right to Life and other pro-life groups will be hosting an excellent March and Rally during the weekend before the 35th commemoration of Roe v Wade:

Tucson Rally and March for Life

Starts at St. Augustine Cathedral Hall
Saturday, January 19, 2008

For more information or to download flyers and maps please visit: or

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