Saturday, January 19, 2008

AZ Institute for Justice San Tan Flat case featured in Wall Street Journal

    Greetings to our Arizona friends!

    The Institute for Justice Arizona Chapter is starting 2008 strong with an excellent video commentary on our San Tan Flat case released today by Reason.TV and the Drew Carey Project. Pinal County, Arizona, is abusing its power and harassing local entrepreneur Dale Bell who opened a steakhouse and saloon in Pinal County in 2005. Little did he know doing so would earn him the County's ire: the county has taken the absurd position that allowing his customers to dance outdoors transforms the restaurant into a dance hall in violation of zoning ordinances.

    To see the video, visit the Wall Street Journal website at and click on Opinion, then see the Opinion Video Center. Reason's website also has the San Tan Flat video, as well as recent video commentaries in the area of eminent domain, highlighting Institute for Justice work in National City, California and redevelopment efforts in Hollywood and Anaheim, California:

    Thank you for your ongoing interest in and support for the Institute's work on behalf of individual rights, and Happy 2008!

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