Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tim Jeffries responds to more yellow journalism by The Arizona Republic

"Thank you for printing my article last Wednesday.  I received over 100 wonderful responses and four hate-laden notes.  Abe Kwok’s editorial response was interesting since he has never met me.  Unsurprisingly, he regurgitated the same falsities central to the Manufactured Crisis proffered by the Arizona Republic and various Machiavellian actors.  Consequently, I will briefly readdress their malicious mischief in the 200 words I’ve been granted.

"Craig Harris’ coverage of the Arizona Department of Economic Security was not “exhaustive.”  It was shoddy, third-rate and cheapjack.  Facts were optional.  ADOA created and maintained the State No-Hire List.  ADOA approved every DES termination.  Only one of 475 ex-DES employees sued DES.  The lawsuit was withdrawn.  Only two ex-employees filed grievances with the State Personnel Board.  The dismissals were sustained.  The ex-employees shamefully paraded as victim-martyrs by Craig Harris and Laurie Roberts were terminated legally.  Accountability was not optional at DES, yet colleague morale TRIPLED.  Over 6,000 colleagues appreciated my 600+ visits, personal emails, morning videos, smiley faces and passion to protect them.  My love, care, generosity and authenticity were unprecedented.  For 633 days, DES shined brightly, but political hacks bled me dry.  Self-serving bureaucracy won, Arizonans lost.  Thousands share my outrage!  Do you?"

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Unknown said...

Too bad for Tim, and for the citizens of Arizona, who desperately need leadership.