Sunday, February 19, 2017


Please sign and share this petition, which is by real people who have also been wronged; it is not an attempt to collect email addresses to spam later. Judge O'Neil is the disciplinary judge for the AZ State Bar and he is crooked to the core; has been targeting attorneys for years (of course, if you're not a political target of the Bar like I was, you can pay $20k to one of his favorite law firms to beat the charges). Everyone is afraid to take him on, because they're terrified of losing their law licenses - which he controls. 

I have nothing to lose, he's already destroyed my law license, basically extorted me demanding over $100k in order to ever get it back. What is he going to do to me that hasn't already been done? I've already been forced to live with my parents three separate times since he came after me because he destroyed me so much financially. I'm not going to stop until this monster is removed and is stopped from victimizing attorneys, especially conservative attorneys who the cliquish folks that run the Bar despise. 

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