Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio calls out biased, plagiarizing Arizona Republic reporter

Editor's note: I'm not going to bother linking to the story Sal refers to, it's so worthless
Sal writes:
The story purposely leaves out the fact that a current city of Phoenix employee who worked in the private sector FAILED to file. Yes, no reprimand just a wink wink from city staff on that one. The reporter also PURPOSELY failed to include my entire statement:
The question you are asking is very important and you will see from the reports that there are very few individuals or entities that have registered with the city of Phoenix and since you are doing the story with Dustin Gardiner, there is a very unresolved issue here dealing with the fact that he is known to burn his sources and has been accused of plagiarism, using someone else's work product and calling it his own, and until those are answered I cannot work with a reporter who has those ethical challenges. Thank you.
Gardiner has repeatedly shown a propensity to use his personal beliefs and motivations to create a story on those who he personally disagrees with.
All reporters use political opponents as sources, but experienced reporters know how to cut through the weeds. Gardiner uses his motivations to create stories and then uses those same familial and political sources for each and all his stories.
The Republic is clearly biased and is selecting stories on who they purposely target and excludes any mention of others.
This story is an example of why I have been in a battle with this newspaper for over two years now.
No one wants to battle a large newspaper with all their power especially when they have shown how they target who they don't like or agree with. But, at some point it becomes important that some expose their bias and the misleading information they provide the public.

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