Saturday, July 16, 2016

David Stringer Doesn't Know Yavapai County

Primary elections across the state are heating up as we march towards the month of August. One of these races is up in (for the most part) Yavapai County in Legislative District One for the Arizona House of Representatives. Two seats in the Arizona House are up for grabs - Noel Campbell is the incumbent; Chip Davis and David Stringer are also running in the Republican primary.

Chip Davis' candidacy has been previously discussed on this blog. He is a solid conservative Republican, who will do the district proud in the Arizona House of Representatives. Noel Campbell, the incumbent, has been a fairly reliable vote for conservatives in the House and LD 1 voters would do well to send him back to the Arizona Legislature.

David Stringer, however, is an entirely different story. LD 1 Republicans are finding out more and more that they cannot trust him, nor do they have confidence that he has been transparent about his past history.

Take for example - how long he has lived in the county. On Stringer's nomination paper, he notes that he has resided in Yavapai County for three years.

Three years?! That's it?!

Chip Davis, on the other hand, has resided in Yavapai County for thirty years according to his nomination paper.

Chip Davis knows Yavapai County, which takes up a majority of Legislative District One. He understands the needs of rural Arizona and what is needed in a Representative from his region. Thirty years have taught him what he needs to know to take to the Arizona Legislature to be a true and authentic representative of his constituents.

David Stringer doesn't know Yavapai County. His length of residency in the county proves that he would go to the Arizona Legislature and quickly fall into the trap of representing the "state of Maricopa County" (as many in rural Arizona like to quip). Before running for such an important and influential position, perhaps David Stringer should live in Yavapai County for a bit longer - get to know its values, its people, and its needs.

Chip Davis knows Yavapai County. David Stringer doesn't. Voters are taking note and will render their verdict by August 30th.

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Anonymous said...

I live in the City of of Phoenix. Who are the brain dead morons who gerrymandered our section of Maricopa County into this district?