Thursday, July 28, 2016

Five Stones in Townsend's Sling

After a long train of abuses, there comes a time when a person finally throws down the gauntlet in protest.  This time, Andy Biggs picked the wrong girl to abuse.

Apparently, Kelly Townsend has the patience of Job.  She has been a loyal member of the conservative caucus since before the Tea Party days, where she proved herself to be a fighter and warrior for the American cause despite the unsuccessful jockeying for power by those seeking to take her title as President of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party.  She fights. She wins.  So what gives?  Why all of a sudden does she have Andy Biggs in her crosshairs?

This apparent move has many scratching their heads because we all thought they were on the same team.  However, people are not shocked to find out that she was one of the many recipients of Andy Bigg's heavy handed punishments.  It is common knowledge that Mr. Biggs thinks of himself as bigger than life, in that he can push anyone around and do it with a little boy grin because there is nothing anyone can do about it.  Or is there?

Ask any lobbyist at the Capitol if people are afraid to stand up to the Senate President and they will tell you that although there is hard merit to Townsend's claims, no one until now has had the courage or stones to say something publicly.  And oh, has she said something.

It appears that this all began her first year when he stonewalled her after she spoke out against child molestation that goes on in Colorado City.  Something about that made him angry and she says he would not take her calls or return her requests for a meeting until late in the session.  Because she spoke of the crimes against children?  That says a lot about this man's priorities.  Who is he protecting, and why?  Good for her for coming to those kids' defense. 

What is most shocking, however, is how he treated his own kid.  Kelly Townsend did not expose that information until he showed up at her LD meeting and accused her of threatening his family.  Apparently, she stood to defend herself and was threatened with physical removal if she didn't shut up.  Without options, she wrote her fellow PCs and told the truth about what has been going on since 2013.  Her email which is not public details a shocking level of hypocrisy from someone who is supposed to believe in "family first."  Is that even true anymore?  Surely Andy Biggs, winner of the lottery, could be a family first guy and take care of his own.  He could be the conservative example of how the community is to take care of the poor, not government. 

A shame this all had to come out.  Maybe he should have focused on his own house instead of protecting the abuses of all those houses in Colorado City with something to hide and punished anyone who objected.  Seems like it could have all been avoided if someone would have taken his leadership position down a road of honor and greatness instead of tyranny.

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Alicia Wood said...

I have had nothing but respect for Kelly Townsend. She is honest and if she is saying these things, I believe her.