Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Meet and greet with our favorite Rep. Anthony Kern (West Valley) Thursday evening

  • 6 PM - 7:30 PM
    Thursday, July 27
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    Western Skies Business Center - 1176 E Warner Rd Ste 214, Gilbert Arizona 85296
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Hello, my name is Anthony Kern.
As a conservative freshman serving in the Arizona House of Representatives I strongly believe in our Constitution and the principles and ideas which make us great. Ideas such as limited government, states rights, private property, the right to keep and bear arms, tax reform, fiscal responsibility and the pursuit of life and liberty. I have worked hard to defend and advance these principles in the Arizona Legislature and will continue to do so in the future. I ask for your vote and support in the 2016 election. I am humbled and honored to represent you and look forward to working together to ensure our best days are ahead.Anthony Kern was first elected to the State House of Representatives in November of 2014. Anthony is active within the Republican Party as a conservative precinct committeeman and state committeeman and he has worked on local, state, and national Republican campaigns throughout the years. When Anthony came of voting age his very first vote was cast for President Ronald Reagan. Years later he made the trip to attend President Reagan’s funeral in 2004. 

Anthony is passionate about job creation, education issues, government transparency, protecting Second Amendment rights, and tax reduction. He is pro-family, works hard to ensure individual liberty and freedom is protected, and believes in the United States Constitution. He enjoys meeting with people and looks for ways to serve them. 

Anthony was born in a small town in central Minnesota together with his parents and 13 brothers and sisters. Anthony moved to Arizona after high school and has lived here for 28 years. Anthony’s heart was to serve in the military during Desert Storm but being a single dad and raising two sons at that time he was unable to. His oldest son Samuel went into the Army shortly after graduating from high school and now attends Grand Canyon University. His youngest son Anthony Jr. is currently attending Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. 

Anthony has a degree in Business Administration and has attended Western International University and Northern Arizona University. Anthony graduated from the Glendale Law Enforcement Training Academy. He believes in entrepreneurs and owns a private investigation business. He is active in crime prevention and is a member of Crime Free Multi-Housing and the National Institute of Crime Prevention. He is certified in crime free housing and crime prevention through environmental design and has been involved in the Block Watch program. Anthony started the City of Phoenix Employees for Christ organization in the mid-1990's as well as the Arizona Hoarding Task Force; an organization to assist persons with chronic hoarding. He is a member of the NRA. 

Anthony is married to Jenny (Sosa) and exchanged marriage vows at Fresh Start Church in Peoria. Both Anthony and Jenny are in leadership positions in their church. Together they have four outstanding children, two of whom are active soldiers in the military.

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