Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Tale of Two Stringers

Just who is David Stringer?

He might remind you of U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts. Not a long and transparent paper trail before the nomination to the high court - but confirm him to see what you are buying. That worked out well, right?

Or he might remind you of Obamacare. Pass it - then you can see what's inside. It's the thought and the surprise that counts, eh?

Social conservatives are in for a real treat if and when David Stringer fulfills his lifelong dream of getting elected to well....something.

Right now, he's pursuing elected office for the Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District One. His website - - has undergone major changes since he started running months ago. One of the most substantive changes came not from addition, but from subtraction.

The "About" section of originally read: "Stringer describes himself as a conservative on fiscal matters with libertarian leanings on some social issues." However that text has since been scrubbed from the site. See the screenshot below for the original text on the site page.

Just what "libertarian leanings on some social issues" did David Stringer refer to when he authored or approved this language on his own website? Is he a libertarian on life issues? Maybe religious freedom? Perhaps school choice?

This will definitely pique the interest of Cathi Herrod and the Center for Arizona Policy as they watch this race heading into the Arizona primary elections.

Why did Stringer scrub that language from his website? What might he be trying to hide?

Is he trying to skate through the election so that voters of LD 1 can find out who he really is afterwards?

More questions remain answered than unanswered with the curious candidacy of David Stringer. Voters had better educate themselves to determine which David Stringer is the real one - the one who will actually show up to work from January to May for the next two years - before they end up with serious buyers' remorse.

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