Thursday, January 1, 2015

Arizona Republicans Face Progressive U.S. Senator John McCain’s Wrath in Upcoming AZ GOP Elections

By Annette Shuford

At a crucial time when conservatives across the country remain steadfast to the conservative-based, National Republican Party platform, and energized toward ensuring elected Congressional members hear their voices in national policies, Arizona conservatives are facing the wrath of U.S. Senator John McCain’s censure through paying his personal supporters to infuse the Arizona Republican Party in a fervent takeover attempt to further oust true conservatives in his calculated goal of conquer, divide, and oust!

Nowhere in Arizona is this conquer, divide, and oust conservatives within the Republican Party endeavor more apparent than in Arizona’s largest county of Maricopa. Arizona Republican party conservatives are aligning to cast their votes for the Arizona Republican Party leadership including the new Maricopa County Chairman. Now, more than anytime in the party’s history, has it has become critical that the Arizona Republican Party and leadership become infused with a newer, younger, energized generation of conservatives to carry both the Arizona Republican Party as well as National Republican Party forward to ensure the longevity and viability of those, both elected and volunteer, who will support the Republican Party platform. Upholding the conservative values inherent in the Republican Party platform and conservative leadership through consistent action, is the only adhesive to bind Republicans in unity. Compare this unity to those who hold steadfast to the U.S. Constitution and its principles. Unity can only be achieved through written standards which provide the litmus test for those who support conservative, Constitutional values.
Tyler Bowyer, a youthful newcomer to the Arizona Republican Party is proving to be the breath of fresh air Arizona conservatives are looking for. His goal and impassioned ability of reaching out to a younger generation of Arizona conservatives, which will need mentoring by the experienced, mature, conservative stalwarts, may very well be the key in moving the Maricopa County Republican Party forward in much needed growth and resuscitation.

Bowyer, a graduate of Arizona State University, 7th generation Arizonan, and Tea Party activist, served as the universities’ Republican Party President. Bowyer has proven to be undeterred by the largely progressive policies and obstacles presented to him, though his appointment to the ASU Board of Regents by Governor Jan Brewer. Liberal policies and policy makers abound in the university systems across the U.S. Bowyer’s valorous resolve to ensure conservative voices were heard, is a feat that should be applauded by Arizona Republicans. As one conservative voice on the Arizona Board of Regents, a Governing Board for Arizona’s three state universities, Bowyer was one of the only members to investigate long-term tuition strategies and public university quality standards. During his tenure, he successfully led the charge to expose and defund one of Arizona’s largest publicly funded unions and became the only Regent to oppose and vote against Medicaid Expansion. After graduating from Arizona State University, during the past two years, Bowyer has continued his work in the Arizona Republican Party by serving as a volunteer Republican District Chairman for Chandler, Gilbert and Sun Lakes. As District Chair, Bowyer has been an influential conservative voice in holding elected officials accountable in upholding the conservative Republican platform, and organizing to sweep every local election for Republicans for the first time in Chandler history. Of equal importance and significance, Bowyer has proven, through action, to have the ties, influence and credentials to ensure conservative voices are heard where it is most critical: our state universities! Maricopa County Republicans would be wise to elect Bowyer in a prominent leadership position where he is able to precipitate the viability and growth of the Maricopa County Republican Party which has been not only stagnant in growth, but declining in party registrations, particularly among our impressionable youth.

Will Maricopa County conservative Republicans move propulsively in growth opportunity and conservative unity, or remain stagnant in ideological divisions by those seeking leadership positions clearly trying to straddle ideological fences purporting this is the way to ensure party unity? It’s time to decide whether to elect leadership which supports the very conservative Republican Party platform, which is, and always has been the foundational basis for Party unity, or decide if anomalous ideologies of moderate conservatism, to full blown progressivism is the key to party unity. It has become apparent, especially more indisputable on the national level, as evidenced by GOP Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney’s rejection by conservatives in 2012, an artificial semblance of unity of ideologies hasn’t been successful in moving the Republican Party forward.

In a recent interview, Tyler Bowyer’s urgent message to Arizona Republicans is the resounding message needed among the GOP nationwide: “Now is the time to show voters that the Republican Party has backbone. We must show that our leadership is local. We are their next-door neighbors, colleagues at work, at school, and friends they bump into at the grocery store. We are fellow church parishioners and parents of kids on their kids’ soccer teams. We must stand up for principle and show that the GOP has the backbone and vision to execute the Party Platform, not stand by and watch as those who claim to be Republicans, walk all over it. Now is the time for fresh leadership that will give faith to the next generation of conservatives who are waiting in the wings for a Republican Party that shows its worth through goal-oriented action that reveres the Constitution and publicly emphasizes principles that make our country exceptional.”

It’s time to pass the baton, and as usual, time for Maricopa County to send a national message. All eyes are upon you!

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