Wednesday, January 28, 2015

So I landed a position as senior editor of a new conservative news site

The Washington Examiner has the exclusive story about today's launch of the new site I am working for. Today happens to be the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, which has special meaning for the Catholics onboard, as St. Dominic started his order of friars to live out their religious life in the public square. The site will carry a wide variety of right-leaning thought, forging a consensus somewhat similar to the late WFB, my hero. It's been exciting to see all the people who have been brought onboard; I happened to pick up the November issue of National Review - and there was an article by one of our other senior editors, David Mills!
Evangelical religious broadcaster James Robison and Catholic author Jay Richards on Wednesday are unveiling the Stream, an online news site that promises to offer both syndicated contributions and original news analysis.
“There’s a problem in America for people on the Right because many of them are simply fragmented and don’t play well together,” Richards told the Washington Examiner media desk. “The Stream offers that cohesion. It’s a response to the fragmenting.”
Richards said, "The inspiration for the Stream actually started from a collaboration that I had with James Robison. We started collaborating in about 2010. We got together from different worlds: I’m a Catholic and I’ve been mostly in the think tank world, and he’s a popular former evangelist and [television] personality.”
Among Stream's current writers are Rachel Alexander, former editor of Western Shooting Journal, and reporter Tom Sileo, who is a five-year veteran of CNN and a syndicated columnist.

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