Friday, August 2, 2013

Update from Arizona GOP


Travis Angry: "Most Importantly, I am a Republican"
Travis Angry of Peoria, Arizona shared his story with us this week and the video of him talking about his life and experiences in overcoming incredible challenges has become extremely popular with over 15,000 recent views. He is genuine, sincere, and offers an important perspective that everyone can take to heart.
AZ Democrats Delete Their Own Official Meeting Files
Earlier this week the Yellow Sheet Report published a story prompted by the Arizona Republican Party issuing this press release, and the reporter noted the response from the Democrats was to delete not just the file in question but an entire section of various meeting minutes from their website a few hours later. The Yellow Sheet Report journalist apparently tried to contact the Democrats, but their phone calls were not returned.
AZ Dems Fast-Track Obama's Carbon Tax
AZ Democrats Kirkpatrick, Sinema and Barber today gave the Obama Administration the power to unilaterally impose a carbon tax on millions of Americans and the GOP pushed back. “With millions of families struggling, the last thing we need is a carbon tax,” said the NRCC's Andrea Bozek. “ of fast tracking such a tax will hurt job creation and middle-class families across the country.” Vote tally here.
Arizona Teenage Republicans Attend DC Conference
The Arizona Teenage Republican (TARS) Leadership just returned from their national conference in Washington, DC. These young leaders visited the national monuments and learned plenty of American history first-hand. They were at center stage as the largest and most dynamic in the country. Foster Morgan of the Mountain Ridge TARS introduced Sen. Rand Paul and Arizona TARS Chairman Lilia Dashevsky introduced Sen. Jeff Flake to the 80 TARS from around the country.
Did Your Vote Count?
The legislature passed an important new election reform bill that the Democrats are still trying to fight. At issue is the new law's prohibition on groups canvassing neighborhoods and confronting voters to ask for their ballots (even though they are postage-paid and simply need to be mailed). If you gave your ballot to someone you don't know and you live in Maricopa County, please visit this Maricopa County website to see if your ballot was actually turned in and counted. If not, please call the AZGOP at 602-957-7770.
AZ DNC Committeewoman: Stop Spending on White Men
When Democrats learned last November that all their statewide candidates were unsuccessful and they had failed to capture majorities in either chamber of the state legislature, longtime Democrat leader Carolyn Warner publicly demanded that Democrats "stop spending money on white men." Her comments were placed in the official minutes of their meeting and published on the website of the Democratic Party of Arizona (they have since disappeared). There is a copy here so you can read more.
GOP to IRS: Hand Off Our Healthcare!
Watch this month for TV ads informing voters about the dangerous relationship between the IRS and the administration of Obamacare. U.S. House Republicans just voted to ban the IRS from having a role in the implementation of Obamacare. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor reminded Americans that “Given that this same agency has illegally disclosed protected taxpayer information, the privacy concerns raised by many are legitimate. This is nothing short of a big government overreach into the most personal aspect of our lives.” News report here.
Rep. Gosar: AG Holder Disregards Supreme Court
Congressman Paul Gosar spoke on the House floor today to denounce Attorney General Eric Holder’s disregard for the Supreme Court’s ruling in Shelby County, Alabama v. Holder. This floor speech is the fifth in a series of speeches highlighting the violations of the law made by the Attorney General. Earlier this year, Congressman Gosar re-introduced his Resolution of No Confidence (H.Res. 35), which expresses no confidence in Attorney General Holder and calls for his resignation. The resolution currently has 137 cosponsors in the House of Representatives. News release and transcript here.
Democrats' Only Active Candidate for Governor Doctors His Own Image to Appear Hispanic
In a bizarre response to a simple comment that he's "uninteresting," the presumed Democrat nominee for governor tried to fix that this week when he photoshopped himself to appear to be Latino. He digitally morphed himself to resemble the person pictured on the right, put the doctored image out on Twitter and hand-delivered a printed copy to the AZGOP. Painful attempts at humor, especially with racial overtones, usually backfire on candidates. Tell us what you think on Facebook.
Arizona State Candidates Here
The Arizona Secretary of State's Office maintains the database and filings of state candidates here
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