Friday, August 9, 2013

Join the AZGOP Social Media Committee and become a Social Media Warrior!


This week the AZGOP used Social Media to force the Arizona Democratic Party and their candidate for governor into a defensive "no comment" zone when the reporters asked them a simple question we raised using social media. Please join us in or efforts to continue this battle for victory in 2014.

Most of us know the power of being a PC for the GOP. But not everyone knows the power of social media (have a look at the video above it you are a skeptic!).

Right now the Democrats are working hard and we need to meet and exceed their efforts on every front. That's why the statewide AZGOP Social Media Committee (SoComm) needs you.

Join us to learn and use:
  • Strategy: Where to post, how often to post, what to post, when to post
  • Content: Controlling your tone and content, knowing your audience, being effective
  • Tools: We have new and exiting tools to make our work easier!
  • Time: It will NOT be a big time commitment.
There's two levels of participation: Novice and Advanced and WE NEED BOTH!
  • Novice: Even if you have no time or no experience with social media, this is perfect. Anybody (and we mean ANYBODY) can do this.
  • Advanced: If you already have social media experience and want to put a little time into it please offer your expertise to your Legislative District Chairman.

Social Media NOVICES: Reply to this email with your full name and Legislative District and we'll send you a brief training video and a schedule of upcoming training sessions. Let us know you are in the NOVICE category.

Social Media ADVANCED users:Reply to this email with your full name and Legislative District and that you are in the ADVANCED category and we'll contact you. Please also contact your Legislative District Chairman and let them know you may be interested in helping at the District level.

Robert Graham
Chairman, Arizona Republican Party

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