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Arizona’s Conservative Grassroots Leader Endorses Andrew Thomas for Governor

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rob Haney, immediate past chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party, has endorsed Andrew Thomas for Governor. Rob is widely known as the chief conservative grassroots leader in Arizona. He explains why we need a Governor who will stand up to a Republican establishment that has given us Obamacare, broken borders, and disregard of our immigration laws, and why Andrew Thomas is the only candidate who will do this.
Why My Vote Is for Andrew Thomas for the Next Governor of Arizona
Seventeen years experience dealing with the “Top-Down” direction imposed nationally by the Republican Party elites and in Arizona chiefly by Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl, is why I support Andy Thomas for Governor. Andy Thomas has a proven track record of supporting and defending the U.S. Constitution and the Republican Party Platform, and he carries the arrows and battle scars that come with that fight.
I have served as a precinct committeeman, State and County Member-at-Large, two terms as Legislative District 11 Chairman and two terms as Maricopa County Chairman. When I stood up and exposed elected Republican officials for not following the Republican Platform or the U.S Constitution, I was attacked by the McCain-led Republican establishment. No effort was spared by this group to silence me and others who dared to challenge the McCain ruling cabal. This cabal consists of the politicians, Chambers of Commerce (business owners who depended on the cheap labor of illegal aliens to staff their operations while we pay through our taxes for their benefits), columnists, radio hosts, lobbyists, bloggers, the “Interfaith-Social Justice” liberal class, and the agenda driven liberal lawyerclass. More here.
What I experienced was nothing compared to what the McCain cabal had in store for their primary targets: Senator Russell Pearce, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. These were the three stalwarts who stood for the “rule of law,” represented the Republican grass roots, and most significantly for the McCain surrogates, opposed the illegal alien invasion. These three had to be stopped or the rest of the country would be tempted to replicate the Arizona actions that addressed the illegal invasion.
Have you ever known a more direct campaigner than Andy Thomas? I have not. Andy tells you his core beliefs, what he represents and the actions he will take once in office to correct government failings. Others will equivocate about the issues, lie about their true beliefs, and avoid addressing the issues once in office. Andy Thomas will not prevaricate. From my experience, I know who the good guys are in the Republican Party and who the bad guys are. Andy Thomas wears the whitest of the white hats.
In the Republican Party, we have a large quantity of “bipartisan” joiners with the Democrats. We have very few fighters for the conservative side of an issue. Even Rubio and Christie, whom we believed were with us, have shown their true colors when they flipped using the “patented” McCain Flip-Flop. We know that Andy Thomas is a fighter representing the base of the party and there will be no flip from him and his record proves it.
It is clear to me that our judicial branch of government no longer fulfills the original intent of our Founders in interpreting the law while being the least powerful branch of government. They are now not only the most powerful, but hold veto power over all conservative initiated legislation when their liberal friends in the ACLU file suit to stop conservative passed legislation.
They wield this power with a liberal bent worthy of their liberal education and the liberal dominated American and Arizona Bar associations to which they belong. Judges are selected from this liberal dominated class of lawyers. It is no surprise to me that theselawyers attacked Thomas where they could dominate the proceedings. It is also no surprise that everyone from the Maricopa County Republican Committee to conservative columnist Michelle Malkin to even liberal writers at the Arizona Republic denounced the attack on Andy Thomas.
A panel from the Arizona Bar pulled Andy Thomas’ law license. However, the federal Grand Jury (which is so noted for the ease of securing an indictment on minimal evidence that the term “they would indict a ham sandwich” refers to the Grand Jury) which looked at the same case at the request of the Obama Justice Department refused to indict him or Sheriff Joe Arpaio for lack of evidence. The Grand Jury is made up of the non-lawyer class and rejected as insufficient the same evidence the lawyer class used to pull his license. What does that tell you about how out of touch, liberal and dishonest our courts have become?
The Republican and Democrat ruling class consider Thomas dangerous because they know that once elected he will keep his campaign promise to attack corruption by both the Republican and Democrat office holders. The “cabal” will devote a great amount of money and effort to defeat him. They have started with “He can’t win” (because of all the baggage from their charges). The Republican establishment also stated that Senator Cruz of Texas was not able to win. But he did, and now is our most effective conservative advocate in the U.S. Senate.
Andy Thomas won the only straw poll in the race so far, by ten points over his closest competitor. The poll was done by a web site that opposes Andy’s candidacy. He is picking up signatures and $5 Clean Elections contributions from voters with amazing ease. I know because I have been at the meetings collecting them for him.
We are not going to reverse the slide into oblivion by the Republican Party by selecting the same type of liberal leaning, milquetoast Republicans for our candidates. If we do, we will get promises to seal the border, enforce immigration laws and oppose Obamacare. But we would only continue to see their promises reversed and conservative principles abandoned while they surrender to Democrats and yet claim victory through bipartisan legislation. This legislation always moves the political spectrum to the left. Don’t you think fifty years of this process is enough?
Which is easier to take, a dagger to the chest from a Democrat governor or one to the back from another McCain-supported Republican governor? But there is another choice. That is why I will vote for Andy Thomas as governor, secure in the knowledge that our laws will be upheld. You will recall that Andy supported legislation to force judges to deny bond to criminal illegal aliens, he followed the law and prosecuted employers who knowingly hired illegal aliens and he prosecuted illegal aliens as co-conspirators in human trafficking cases.
Do you really believe there are only 11 million illegal aliens in the country, that there is very little inflation, that the border has never been more secure, and that the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare will save us money? Where do our leaders come up withthis malarkey? It is from all the people I described in the second paragraph. Andy has assured me that he will faithfully consult the conservative grassroots of the party as he has in the past. They have been ignored too long and the party has suffered enormously because of it.
In our hearts, we all know that Andy Thomas would do the best job as governor. Let’s make sure he gets there. He is running as a “clean election candidate.” You can reach Andy through Facebook (search: “Andrew Thomas Republican” in Facebook to find it) and volunteer to carry petitions and get five dollar donations for him. Please email me at and volunteer to carry a petition and get $5 donations for him. The Thomas Kick-Off event flyer is linked here.
Rob Haney
Immediate Past Chairman
Maricopa County Republican Party

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