Thursday, August 1, 2013

Propaganda tactics of the gun control lobby exposed in their guidebook!

Dave Workman of the Second Amendment Foundation has an excellent article in the Examiner revealing the semantic tactics advocated inside a guidebook from the gun control lobby. Here are a couple of excerpts -

"On Page 45, the guide addresses Stand Your Ground laws and counsels the use of provocative substitute phrases including 'Shoot First' and 'Kill at Will,' asserting that these terms are 'more accurate and persuasive.' It suggests demonizing semiautomatic rifles by stressing that 'These weapons are not your grandfather’s rifle.' It also advises to 'cite law enforcement’s support at every opportunity,' which may be a problem in this case because a major law enforcement group has already come out in opposition to Washington's pro-gun I-594. The document also offers points on semantics by recommending the use of the phrase 'stronger laws' rather than 'stricter laws,' and 'preventing gun violence' rather than 'gun control.'"

Click here to read the full article at the Examiner

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