Sunday, March 17, 2013

Your help is needed to resist passage of HB 2047 PARCC/Common Core

Editor's note: I have an article coming out tomorrow on the Common Core curriculum. It's bad news for underperforming schools in particular.

Good Morning from Colorado,

Wouldn't you know soon as I leave town on business the Senate Education Committee finally puts HB 2047 which intends to change the state testing standards from the failed A.I.M.S. system to the yet to be determined P.A.R.C.C. system intended to test the Federal Government sponsored Common Core National (and International) "Standards".  This without the benefit of any input from the Parents, Teachers, 'Independent" School Boards, the Community at large...anyone other than a hand full of so called Educational Elite who have determined what is best for your children, grand children and mine.

To render Common Core ineffective we must kill the testing arm P.A.R.C.C.  The House voted in favor of this bill not really understanding the 'intended' consequences.  These consequences are almost too numerous to mention but the most simple one is the shear cost of Common Core which no one has even begun to attack.

My request is for you all to try to attend the Senate Hearing now scheduled for Thursday Morning  the 21st at 8:30 AM in SHR 1.  

Thanks and I will be traveling back earlier than I had planned to specifically attend this one meeting...I consider it that important.


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