Monday, August 6, 2012

Fake Republican Jeff Schapira was registered as Democrat until 2010; signs stolen

Fake Republican Jeff Schapira
There are three candidates running for Desert Ridge Justice of the Peace; Bill Ponath, Clancy Jayne, and Jeff Scapira. All three are running as Republicans. Only one is a conservative Republican, Bill Ponath. Incumbent Clancy Jayne voted for former Governor Napolitano's big-spending budgets when he was in the legislature and had one of the worst records as a Republican, scoring 49% from Americans Prosperity. He signed Americans for Tax Reform's pledge not to raise taxes then turned around and immediately voted for a new tax on satellite dish owners. He has received three judicial reprimands as judge.

Jeffrey Schapira is even more liberal. Up until 2010 he was a registered Democrat. He obviously switched his voter registration to Republican in order to run in the heavily Republican-leaning Desert Ridge precinct. The only candidates he has ever contributed to are liberal Democrats. He is the uncle of David Schapira, the liberal Democrata state legislator. He contributed $1000 to liberal Democrat Jack Jackson, Jr., who David Schapira was campaign chair for.

Worst of all, it appears that Schapira and/or his campaign team are stealing signs from Bill Ponath, a criminal misdemeanor. I put up 20 signs for Bill Ponath last week. Within a couple of days they were all torn down and/or defaced. Coincidentally, not a single Schapira sign had been removed. What does that tell you about the character of someone like Schapira, a man who wants to become a judge? 

It would be appalling if this fake Republican were to sneak into elected office by dishonest and illegal behavior. Please spread the word. Vote for the true conservative in the race, Bill Ponath. Unlike the others, Bill has written a book, Verdict for America, which lays out his conservative views. Unlike Jayne, Bill has a law degree and has practiced law for over 30 years. Unlike Schapira, Bill is still practicing law and has also practiced as a judge pro tem in the Justice Courts. Find out more about Bill at

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