Friday, August 17, 2012

Believe What You Want Ben‏ Quayle

Dear Friends,
Ben Quayle is quite fond of touting that he is the "number one" ranked conservative in the House of Representatives. His source for this is National Journal's ratings. Now of course, he is free to say whatever he wants about his campaign and how he feels personally about his record. But don't be fooled- we are all by now well aware of our opponent's flawed character and trouble with the truth.
It's well-known that the National Journal rankings are reflective of how a particular member votes with his or her party's perceived position. Thus, it's not surprising that Ben Quayle scores so well.
Remember, this is what Politico had to say about Ben Quayle:
"There's Rep. Ben Quayle, an establishment favorite with the famous last name, who told voters in 2010 he would "knock the hell out of" D.C. but has spent his first year in Washington out of the spotlight, learning the ins and outs of the Capitol while becoming a favorite of leadership."
So it's not too surprising that he does well in a ranking of how members vote in accordance with party leadership.
David Schweikert has always been clear that he is in Congress to fight for our conservative values - your values - not leadership in Washington.
For a good explanation about the National Journal ratings that Ben Quayle likes to tout and what they really represent, here is what HotlineOnCall had to say about the National Journal ratings as they apply to Ben Quayle (note: HotlineOnCall is part of National Journal).
"Quayle's House-best conservative rating reflects his relationship with leadership."
I think that sums it up pretty well.

Dan Caldwell
Campaign Manager, Schweikert for Congress

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